Pension advice The Hague

Live your life now! We can help you with having the financial space for that. Still, what about when you are retired? What will your situation be then?

Then too, you should be able to enjoy life. We can also help you out with that. We provide you with insight into your financial situation now and later.

You can contact us for questions about pension advice:Can I retire sooner?
My employer has a pension scheme for me but is it good enough?
I have some capital of my own; can I use that for my pension?
How much does a supplementary pension cost?
I might emigrate; how does that affect the situation?
What measures can I take now so that I have sufficient income in the future?

These are all questions that we can and would like to help you with. Again, your situation and your wishes are our starting point: what do you want? Together with you, we will examine what is right for you and fortunately, we look beyond the standard (bank) life annuity. After all, it is about the accurate solution for you.

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