Portfolio check in The Hague

A fixed part of our work is the assessment of existing insurance portfolios, both of private individuals and of businesses. In most cases, it is possible to cut costs and/or improve the conditions.

We also regularly find dual coverage and/or gaps. Dual coverage is a waste of money and gaps could be big risks.

We carry out the portfolio audit for you free of charge. It does not hurt to try. See it as a free second opinion. Our experience shows that in most cases, substantial improvements and cost cuts can be made.

All you have to do is ensure that we have access to your current insurance policies. For this, we need copies of your policies. It is not a problem if these copies are old: with the help of your authorization, we can request recent policy details.

We map everything and advise you on which changes can or should be implemented. If you agree with our proposal, we will arrange for the old contracts to be terminated and for the new contracts to take effect.

Peace of mind

Our main objective is to give you peace of mind. Allow us to take care of your insurance policies and you will hardly ever need to look at them.

Have you suffered damage? Report it to us and we will make sure the claim is handled efficiently. Should a change be made? We will take care of it.

Your term life insurance

In terms of insurance for private individuals, the term life insurance policy deserves extra attention. Has your policy been taken out several years ago? If so, let us assess it: because the premiums for these types of insurance have been reduced considerably in recent years, you can often cut significant costs on future premiums.

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