What our customers say

  • R. Libanon, Leiderdorp

    In 2012, I became self-employed after having spent ten years in a partnership for physiotherapy. At the end of that year, we saw a 1930s semi-detached house. I knew that if I wanted to qualify for a mortgage, I would have to be able to produce at least three annual figures. Economically, it was also a very difficult time, especially in the housing market and mortgage lending. I thought my chances were very small; I had not been working for a year yet. I did make money but I could forget about a mortgage. René asked me which bank I was doing business with and he told me that he has good connections at banks and that he was definitely going to try it. With the annual figures from my previous practice and the little bit of my new practice, René used his powers of persuasion. Long story short, he succeeded. We are very happy in our new house and we have managed to get a good mortgage, which is sharp and fits well within our budget. René and his team, thank you very much for our dream home.

  • Man Family, Vleuten

    Through good friends, we met René de Jonge and his team in 2006, with which we are very happy. We were so satisfied that we went back to René for our mortgage and insurance policies during the purchase of our next home last year. René de Jonge and his team are professionals with many years of experience, who excel at customer focus and the drive to get the most out of a situation. Therefore, they have an extremely good price/quality ratio that will benefit you for many years thereafter.
    In recent years, we have introduced quite a few people in our circle of friends to Rene, who were very grateful for this tip in every single case!

  • D. Otten, Gemonde

    To be able to buy our dream home, we had meetings with mortgage advisers from various banks. Because I am self-employed in The Hague, they were all very hesitant and advised me “to come back in a few years.” Through a partner, I then met René de Jonge. He was finally able to help me with the mortgage. Where others stopped, Rene saw the challenge and went the extra mile that was required. He also advised us on insurance policies and how to arrange this best. A One-Stop office.

  • De Werff Architectuur, The Hague

    We are both entrepreneurs and getting a mortgage is not easy for us at all these days.
    A friend, an entrepreneur himself, had just bought a house and advised us to contact his financial man, Jan van Sittert of René de Jonge Financieel Adviseurs.
    Through a clear assessment of our options and keeping a close eye on all financial aspects, we succeeded in getting a mortgage that is exactly right for us. It even has a National Mortgage Guarantee.
    Similarly, the rest of the process, such as finding and working with a realtor and notary, went smoothly thanks to Jan van Sittert’s network and collaboration skills.
    I immediately advised my friends looking for a house to take the same path as we have taken. Without our financial man, we would never have been living in our fantastic new home by the sea!

  • Verhaar Fam., Bilthoven

    We regularly walked past our ‘dream home’ in our neighborhood. I am talking about early 2000. If that was ever put up for sale, we would want to buy it quickly. At the same time, there was my wife’s entry into an internal medicine partnership, accompanied by a goodwill sum/loan to be paid. Suddenly, the house was put up for sale. An older lady, now widowed, wanted to sell it to us. In short, we needed financial advice for which we scanned a number of institutions (banks, insurers, VVAA, etc.). During lunch with a fellow doctor, the name of René de Jonge Financieel Adviseurs came up. Like me, René de Jonge had studied in Rotterdam and he had a lot of experience with financial advice for medical specialists (my wife and I are both internists). We contacted René de Jonge, which resulted in various ‘extensive’ meetings at our home about the various types of mortgage, insurance policies, etc. After much deliberation, we opted for a mortgage with an interest rate period of 1 year fixed, which later was transferred to a variable interest rate. We have been very content about this for years. Not only the goodwill financing was arranged, so were both our life insurance policies (independent of the mortgage). In a later phase, we also started bank savings and last year (2013), our entire financial picture was updated by René, including pension accrual and reservations for two future (university) degrees of our kids (now 14 and 17 years old). We have (satisfactorily) been René de Jonge’s customer for almost 15 years now. They are always careful and think along with you.

  • Barkhof Family, The Hague

    René de Jonge Financieel Adviseurs gives us great peace of mind. Our financial situation is closely monitored. As soon as optimization can be achieved, we are informed of the possibilities.

  • D. Moret, The Hague

    When I completely panicked after a huge leak in the entire hotel, Peter was the first one at the door to arrange everything from A to Z. He was truly a tower of strength!

  • HHJ Holtkamp, Tytsjerk

    Last year, we suffered severe storm damage. Several large old trees had been blown down and there was great damage to the garden.
    When we spoke to the damage expert during the inspection of the damage, it turned out that for many other private individuals, damage to the landscaping is not insured because not every insurer covers these types of damage.
    Fortunately, Peter van Dijken of Rene de Jonge Financieel Adviseurs advised us well when taking out our insurance policy and took into account possible storm damage to the garden. We were able to fully recover this damage from the insurer, which paid us quickly.

  • Ir H.C. Brat, The Hague

    René de Jonge’s team consists of professional staff. They know your background well and know which products you have purchased, even if they have not been purchased from them. They know what is going on in the market and especially where it is going. This allows them to help you make smart choices in your portfolio of financial products. The advice is honest and open and aims to help you as a customer quickly and well.

  • S. Cohnen, Amsterdam

    René de Jonge Financieel Adviseurs has advised us adequately several times now and guided us when taking out a mortgage. We experience the service and personal contact as very pleasant and helpful. Their knowledge and experience give us confidence. We expect to continue the relationship established in the future.

  • Niels and Marie-Louise van Campen, The Hague

    Our mortgage term expired in nine months and we wanted to obtain information about the extension of our mortgage in time. We received quick advice with a number of options. It was wonderful to be able to decide quickly. The fee was equally clear. Overall, it has earned us money. If it feels right, you have to get on it. That is how we feel about the financial advisors of René de Jonge.

  • Anonymous, The Hague

    Extremely pleasant contact, expert advice and, something very important, straightforward. About seven years ago, we opted for René de Jonge because he (his agency) provided the best mortgage quotation, with no commission disappearing invisibly. The recent mortgage switch was also well organized; the same goes for AOV. Clear agreements, no-nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    We have bought several homes in our lives and are reasonably adept at finding a good mortgage on the internet. Nevertheless, an extra check by René de Jonge always gives us some extra security. In addition, he often surprises us positively with an extra sharp offer or smart tips for our financial affairs. We also think the personal approach is very pleasant.

  • Anonymous

    Last spring, I took out a mortgage from René de Jonge through Jan van Sittert for a home in The Hague. From the start, our contact was very pleasant and informal. The different options were explained with great patience, they thought about my situation, and they made clear and understandable what the possibilities were. That makes me feel as if I have made a good and balanced choice regarding my mortgage. Also, I have experienced the precision with which Jan works as very pleasant. No detail was overlooked and Jan always told me about the progress. Furthermore, Jan is very flexible when it comes to making appointments and I could always call him if I had doubts or questions. In the end, I took out a mortgage at a very favorable interest rate. As far as I am concerned, it has been an excellent choice to go to René de Jonge for my mortgage; I can recommend them!

  • Patrick and Saskia, The Hague

    With great pleasure, we live in The Hague, which has to do with the city itself but also with the roof structure that we have installed. As a result, the living area is increased by 50m2 to approximately 145m2, excluding a very spacious roof terrace. It is a wonderful home, we think. We consulted René for its financing. He has taken ample time to provide us with correct information. He was not annoyed when we needed extra time for more advice and explanation, despite the prior agreement about the fee. René is patient and very knowledgeable, which is why we were happy to be informed by him. In addition, it is very nice that he is an economist; in our opinion, this is to his advantage. In short, we have a good mortgage product that we are very pleased with.