What our customers say

D. Otten, Gemonde

To be able to buy our dream home, we had meetings with mortgage advisers from various banks. Because I am self-employed in The Hague, they were all very hesitant and advised me “to come back in a few years.” Through a partner, I then met René de Jonge. He was finally able to help me with the mortgage. Where others stopped, Rene saw the challenge and went the extra mile that was required. He also advised us on insurance policies and how to arrange this best. A One-Stop office.

Man Family, Vleuten

Through good friends, we met René de Jonge and his team in 2006, with which we are very happy. We were so satisfied that we went back to René for our mortgage and insurance policies during the purchase of our next home last year. René de Jonge and his team are professionals with many years of experience, who excel at customer focus and the drive to get the most out of a situation. Therefore, they have an extremely good price/quality ratio that will benefit you for many years thereafter.
In recent years, we have introduced quite a few people in our circle of friends to Rene, who were very grateful for this tip in every single case!

R. Libanon, Leiderdorp

In 2012, I became self-employed after having spent ten years in a partnership for physiotherapy. At the end of that year, we saw a 1930s semi-detached house. I knew that if I wanted to qualify for a mortgage, I would have to be able to produce at least three annual figures. Economically, it was also a very difficult time, especially in the housing market and mortgage lending. I thought my chances were very small; I had not been working for a year yet. I did make money but I could forget about a mortgage. René asked me which bank I was doing business with and he told me that he has good connections at banks and that he was definitely going to try it. With the annual figures from my previous practice and the little bit of my new practice, René used his powers of persuasion. Long story short, he succeeded. We are very happy in our new house and we have managed to get a good mortgage, which is sharp and fits well within our budget. René and his team, thank you very much for our dream home.