Our working method is simple and clear:

First, we meet to get acquainted with one another. This meeting is without any obligation and free of charge. In this first meeting, we discuss what we can do for you. What exactly are your questions? On what points do you need advice? Financing a house? A term death insurance? Just a second opinion? Would you like to retire sooner? Do you feel the need to bring order to the jumble of all the policies, loans, savings accounts, and pension schemes that you have collected over the years? Here, you can put everything on the table.

The first interview is also to get a picture of your situation and your wishes. Then, we can make an appropriate proposal. We indicate on which issues we advise you and what this will cost you. The better we know about your situation, the more accurately we can do this. If you agree with the proposal, we will start working with you. You will gain insight into your existing financial and fiscal position. Together, we look at what you can best do in your specific situation. For example, we explain how you can better align your mortgage, pension scheme, insurance policies, and investments with your plans. Based on this advice, you know what your options are and whether your wishes and plans are feasible.

We think it is important that we communicate this to you well. We keep you informed during the process and your questions are very welcome. In a written report, we try to explain as clearly as possible what we have done for you, what we have discussed, and what solutions there are to your questions.

If you wish, we can also assist you in implementing the right solution for the advice. We are happy to make your life easier. This way, you do not have to go to another adviser or bank. That also makes it cheaper because we already know your file.

If the process is completed satisfactorily, we will make agreements with you on how we can maintain the advice and your financial situation.

Our price?

Our price is not too bad as you will experience. An advice is only successful if it offers a return on your investment. Feel free to stop by without any obligation and free of charge.