Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you an employer and would you like to take good care of a pension scheme for your employees or pension advice? Alternatively, would you like your employees to receive good pension advice on their pension scheme?

Perhaps you have already experienced that this is a difficult subject matter and much has changed recently. In the coming years, we expect that employers will have to deal with many changes in employee pensions. These will not only include legal changes; employees will also have a great need for good information and communication in the coming years. We expect that demand to increase sharply.

As an entrepreneur, you will really benefit from having thorough guidance from a good adviser with the right working method, expertise, and attitude. For this too, you have come to the right place and we are your point of contact. With respect to this too, quality comes first. That always pays off.

We collaborate with a carefully selected pension adviser for questions about your employee pension schemes and advice so that we can be sure that you are sitting at the table with the right person. This way, we guarantee the expertise and keep the lines short, which is exactly the way we want to work.

Do you own a Ltd. or are you a Director/Majority Shareholder?

You can also contact us for questions regarding the pension scheme when you are a director/majority shareholder (DGA). This too is such specialist work that we collaborate with the right expert so that we can guarantee the quality.

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