Mortgage advice entrepreneur

Mortgage for the entrepreneur

You are good at doing business and we are good at mortgage advice. We would be happy to be the expert partner who provides you with proper mortgage advice. Fortunately, we have the right contacts at banks. They are truly worth gold, which shows again and again. Our creativity and perseverance make this the ideal mix to really make a difference when taking care of your mortgage.

A customer speaks

To be able to buy our dream home, we had meetings with mortgage advisers from various banks. Because I am self-employed in The Hague, they were all very hesitant and advised me “to come back in a few years.” Through a partner, I then met René de Jonge. He was finally able to help me with the mortgage. Where others stopped, Rene saw the challenge and went the extra mile that was required. He also advised us on insurance policies and how to arrange this best. A One-Stop office.

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