Mortgage advice

Your mortgage. Our specialty.

A correct mortgage provides the anticipated financial space. Not only now: later too.

Therefore, taking out a mortgage deserves the attention it needs. You get that attention from us. Only with truly good advice, you can reach the right result and cut unnecessary costs. After all, we believe a mortgage advice is only good if you can recoup your investment. There is no doubt that we will look for the right construction for you, with the right interest rate and conditions. To that end, we are advisers, we know the lenders, and we know what to look out for. Fortunately, we are completely independent, which is an absolute requirement. And fortunately, we are creative and knowledgeable enough to find the most beneficial solution for you. Buying and financing a house is an intensive process in which reason and emotion come together. Consequently, knowing that you no longer have to worry about financing gives you great peace of mind. We do that for you. After all, we want you to enjoy your home optimally.

During a no-obligation meeting in The Hague, we would love to tell you how we want to achieve that for you.

Second opinion

Do you have sufficient knowledge of mortgages (or financial products) yourself and can you compare terms and interest rates yourself? We challenge you for a second opinion. You will always benefit from it.

Are you a starter?

It is not easy for you to buy a house. We try to make it easy for starters. Would you like more information for starters? View our special starter page. .