A typical example of our office

After studying Economics in Rotterdam, I soon realized that I wanted to consult private individuals and small businesses, preferably with a small team. Only then can I stand out and truly mean something.

Over 15 years ago, I founded this company. I am still happy with this step. Now, it is a beautiful company of which I am very proud. Proud of the team we work with as well as proud of our customers. Our customers are who matter in our company, after all.
What we do remains a true “people business.” Everybody is different and everyone has a different financial situation. I still encounter surprises, which makes my job so much fun.

An individual approach is truly required, I feel: carefully listening to what a customer has to say. What exactly is one’s situation and what are one’s goals and wishes? That is how you have to work. One of my tasks is to ensure that René de Jonge Financieel Adviseurs continues to serve you this way. You are an individual, not a group.

That is why my biggest annoyance is the “generalization” – so to speak – in the financial services. Banks and insurers want to serve large groups of customers and come up with all sorts of concepts to this end. It is great to use the internet as a source of information and efficiency but you can only accomplish the right mortgage with customization. Only then do you achieve the best result; that is where the benefits lie for the customer. This is proven every single time. Fortunately, our customers feel the same way.

René de Jonge

Sports. I find it very interesting. And my wife and children, of course. I am happiest when I am on a racing bike, preferably when there are some mountains to climb. Biking up a mountain remains a fascinating game between body and mind. It sounds difficult but it is actually very simple: do not give up; it is just a mountain.

Jan van Sittert

I live in The Hague with my family and two children. With great passion, I have been working at René de Jonge Financieel Adviseurs as of 2008. Passion because our profession is so much wider than is often thought. That makes it interesting and adds value. I will look at what suits you and what the options are.

Peter van Dijken

Born and raised in Leeuwarden, I chose – together with my girlfriend, now my wife – The Hague as my new home. In The Hague, I started at NUTS health insurances and I truly learned the trade at various employers. As of 2011, I have been working at René de Jonge with great pleasure in a team of highly trained and highly skilled advisers.

Dorinda Dukel

I feel at home in the René de Jonge team. After a career of ten years as a jeweler-goldsmith and fourteen years at Van Lanschot as internal relations manager, it feels great to get the time and space to give customers personal attention. After all, this engagement is of great importance in good advice!

Francien Schelhaas

I live in The Hague with my daughter. Most of my career I worked in analytical positions, and also have a mathematical background what education is concerned.

At the beginning of 2021 I made a switch to the financial services. Since May 2022 I am part of René de Jonge’s team.
Being able to help people and advise on financial products is what makes it so much fun for me.
The combination of expertise in the team and the personal approach makes it an inspiring place to work. Every customer is unique.